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I strongly believe that Pilates should be introduced to teens during their growth years. More than ever, they need to develop lifelong habits to improve alignment, posture and proprioception, which they can carry with them into early adulthood.
“Movement activates the neural wiring throughout the body, making the whole body an instrument of learning”
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Give our next generation the tools to take positive action for themselves and their movement

It’s hard to get them motivated to exercise when there so many ‘must-have’ gadgets and distractions. Technology is a wonderful thing and an essential part of modern life, but it can bring with it a host of physical and mental problems. Don’t worry – I can help in a way that does not involve trying to wrestle the mobile out of your teenagers hands!

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Why Pilates?

Pilates for a strong body and mind

Pilates helps to improve physical & mental health

Find out how your teen can enjoy all these benefits in my online course or face to face classes.
why Next generation pilates?

I focus on 6 key areas in my Pilates teachings to ensure all-round benefits



We all know breathing is important to us – we can’t function without it. But it’s also one of the most effective (and free) stress management tools if we can learn how to use it properly. These days, more than ever, teens experience stresses from a postural perspective as well as a mental one. These pressures exacerbate breathing patterns. By connecting with the breath, they can bring awareness to whether their breath is short and shallow or long and expansive. They can also feel the benefit in how simply unclenching the jaw, dropping the shoulders and opening up the chest can change their whole perspective, whether they be at School, University or at home.


Pilates was originally called Contrology, so it’s not surprising that one of its central principles is all about “control”. The Pilates method promotes a mind/body connection to ensure proper, safe and complete muscle control.

Why is this helpful for teens? It affords them the strength to be able to control movement from the centre/core. It also instils an awareness of posture, strength and flexibility before ageing forces their hands.





Centering is one of the fundamentals of Pilates and refers to the connection between the mind and body, as well as the centre (also called your core, or the powerhouse) of the body. Pilates focuses on strengthening this centre in order to support the spine, the internal organs and posture.

Why is this important to teens? Modern day technology and increased sitting has means that our core (and posture) is lacking. Weak abdominals have a negative effect on a teen’s posture, and often goes unnoticed-leading to back pain



“If breathing is the physical key to attaining mind- body awareness, then concentration is the mental key” (Balanced Body)

How is this relevant to teens? So often, there seems to be disconnect between the mind/body connection. Mindful, coordinated movements help focus the mind and reduce stress. By focussing the attention inwards, teens can develop the movement skills and patterns necessary to work different limbs in different positions. This increased body awareness then translates into their daily activities, be that sitting at the desk or running on the football pitch.



Precision does not mean perfection. None of us are perfect. What it requires instead is precision in the execution of each exercise.
Why is this relevant to teens? Their bodies grow at such a rate and are still developing successful movement patterns. By supporting and educating the teen about instigating correct technique, and feeling length rather than compression, they will be able to get the most out of their body and mind in order to do something positive for themselves and their movement.





Flow is involved in every Pilates exercise. Flow and ease of movement requires the coordination of the mind and body to ensure pain free, functional movement. This is helpful for teens because once they experience what good movement and flow feels like, they can carry it through into their everyday lives.

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Enable your teens to get the most out of their body and mind in order to do something positive for themselves and their movement.

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” I really enjoyed the pilates lesson. It was fun and Sara showed us how to do it amazingly and didn’t rush. She was really smiley and the stretches were really fun “
Angharad (Age 12)

” I really like the way Sara finds different ways to make us feel comfortable in every stretch, balance and activity. There is also a lot of finding the best in music, which makes it extra fun! “

Tara (Aged 12)